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Download our WooCommerce plugin, and generate courier labels directly from your WordPress webshop!

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Connect your WooCommerce eshop to Allpacka’s online shipping platform!

Place an order, and generate a shipping label directly from your WooCommerce shop with a single mouse click using our WooCommerce plug-in. We now support seamless data transfer between your webshop and your Allpacka account, making order management simpler and faster than ever.


In order to take advantage of the plugin, you’ll need to have an Allpacka account with payment terms set up and agreed.

If you’d like more information an setting up a business account with us, get in touch with our sales team!

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Installation steps

Step 1

In WordPress, go to Plugins / Add new, and search for the integration plugin.

Step 2

First install, then activate the plugin.

Step 3

In WooCommerce / Settings menu, under tab, enter your Allpacka account credentials.

Step 4

The plugin is ready for use! In your order management dashboard in WooCommerce / Orders, simply click Place order to generate a label trough your Allpacka account.

Download the Allpacka Plugin now, and start saving time and money on your shipping!

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