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Dear Client!

We would like to inform you that our partners continue to operate uninterrupted parcel delivery domestically and to almost every country in Europe! According to the countries, the individual restrictions do not significantly affect freight traffic and the movement of goods.

Our partners take all necessary precautions to protect the health of their employees and customers (consignors, consignees) and also deliver packages with maximum compliance with the rules, but unfortunately there may be delays during pick-up and delivery.

The information below is constantly updated, we are in constant contact with our partners and we also follow the news.



GLS – 2021.05.06.

DPD – 2021.05.06.

TNT – 2021.05.06.

FedEx – 2021.05.06.

UPS – 2021.05.06.

DHL – 2021.05.06.

PPL (CZ) – 2021.05.06.

Inpost (PL) 

Due to the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, we would like to inform you about our recommendations and the actions we have taken at InPost in recent days.


On March 16th, we are implementing the necessary changes regarding collecting shipments:


  • We have implemented a courier delivery system based on a pick-up codes to eliminate the need to sign on the courier terminal. A code for confirming receipt of a shipment will be sent to the Recipient in status messages (email and/or text message). In order to receive the shipment, the recipient will be asked to provide the code to the courier.

Why this change? This will allow couriers to keep a safe distance when delivering the shipment.


  • Shipments ordered to Parcel Lockers will wait 48h for pick-up as usual. After this period, unclaimed shipments will not be sent back to the InPost Depos, but will be returned directly to Sender.

We also introduce a similar change for courier shipments – if they cannot be delivered directly to the recipient (we make two delivery attempts), the items will return to Sender.

Why this change? We want to limit the contact between our employees in InPost Depos with people from the outside as much as possible, because one person falling ill can affect the work of the entire office. We are aware that this is a significant change, but we hope that both Recipients and you will show understanding in accepting it. We will, of course, return to standard procedures as soon as possible.


  • The above change also means that from March 16thwe suspend the possibility to send and collect parcels at our Service Points located at InPost Depos. Sending and collecting parcels will be possible at Parcel Lockers, at our partner’s Parcel Service Points, and by courier. We would like to remind you that shipments can be sent safely from Parcel Lockers via the Quick Send Service ( or using the Parcel Manager.


  • We recommend recipients to use the option of redirecting a shipment to a Parcel Lockeras much safer, thanks to the possibility of remotely opening the locker from the mobile application. At the same time, we are asking you to remind your clients about the importance of providing the correct telephone number when ordering both courier and parcel locker shipments.


At present, the coronavirus epidemic has no effect on parcel delivery – they reach recipients without delays. However, we are aware of the threat and constantly observe and monitor the situation and respond to the guidelines of the Polish government and relevant authorities.


Therefore, in the coming weeks we recommend that recipients follow this advice:

  • if you have a choice between delivery by InPost courier and to an InPost parcel locker – order to Parcel Locker(Paczkomat®)– which allows you to limit contact with other people
  • when collecting a parcel from an InPost Parcel Locker, do not touch the control panel – open the Parcel Locker (Paczkomat®) remotely using the InPost application on your smartphone(the application can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play)
  • when receiving deliveries at home, keep a reasonable distance and receive packages at the door or outside the house to minimize the time of direct contact. Provide only the pickup code to the courier when collecting a parcel.
  • in addition, for deliveries made by courier, pay when placing the order or make the payment before delivery (using the PayByLink option). If for some reason this is not possible – choose a cashless payment when paying the courier.
  • following the guidelines of sanitary authorities, avoid direct contact in the form of greeting by shaking hands and passing – when signing – telephones, tablets, pens, etc.


Dear customers, In all actions taken, we primarily focus on people – our employees, clients, and partners. Protecting them, educating them, and informing about any threats is our priority. Therefore, we hope that you will show understanding and accept these changes.




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