What should I do if my package is damaged or lost?

If your package is lost or the contents of you parcel are damaged during transit, you must submit your claim in writing and by email within 72 hours of the delivery date.

We are unable to accept or process claims for deliveries older than 72 hours.

Your email must include: the collection and delivery date, both the sender and receivers names and addresses and the date of the claim. You must also state the declared value of your parcel contents, a description of the packaging material used and a description of the damage sustained.

When submitting your claim please include: The photographs taken before and after the parcel delivery, an invoice or receipt that proves the value of the item that was damaged, a copy of the report issued by the courier at the time of delivering your damaged parcel. Our delivery partners will only reimburse successful claims if the claimant is able to prove the value of the goods with an official document.

When taking delivery from the driver, it is important that you examine the package for any sign of damage. If the package and/or the contents appear to be damaged, please ensure that you open and check the contents with the driver present. If the contents are in fact damaged, it is important that you get a written acknowledgement from the driver that the goods were delivered in a damaged condition. Verbal recognition from the driver cannot be used as part of your claim.

For high value items we strongly recommend photographically documenting the packaging procedure so that should you need to make a claim for damages, you can successfully prove that you packed the goods correctly.

Claims submitted without photographs taken at the time of delivery of the broken or damaged item, and/or that do not have a copy of the report completed by the courier on delivery, and/or do not contain an invoice or receipt proving the value of the goods, are more likely to be rejected.