What items are classed as dangerous?

Narcotic drugs, hallucinogenic drugs, guns, shooting iron, ammunitions, explosives. Flammable materials (e. g. petrol, gasoline, heating oil, fluid gas). Poisonous, mordant or otherwise dangerous chemical materials, medical, technical or other gas. Livestock. Any materials dangerous to the health of humans or animals. Any tools or devices capable of extinguishing human or animal life. Materials, objects, tools endangering public safety. Radioactive materials. Perishable food, frozen food. Stocks, precious metals, precious stones. Any other objects, materials or documents that are possible of endangering human life, environment, public safety, national security, the instruments of the delivery service company, the courier, or the staff or the vehicles of our partners.


The courier can refuse to collect the consignment in the following cases:

  • if consignments are not properly packaged
  • if consignments are bundled together
  • if the contents are perishable, infectious or rotting
  • fluid materials
  • consignments addressed to a P.O. Box
  • goods sensitive to temperature or goods that should be delivered refrigerated or heated.