What items are prohibited?

Please take some time to read the below list, certain items are prohibited on our partners’ delivery network or are subject to certain restrictions.

Allpacka.com nor its partners can deliver the below items:

  • Windows (glass, panes of glass, framed windows, glass shelves, glass doors or glass chandeliers)
  • Aerosols, cosmetics and products in pressurized containers (deodorant, furniture polish, air freshener)
  • Acrylic sinks, baths or toilets
  • Cigarettes or any tobacco products
  • Tiles or floor tiles
  • Unboxed items or furniture
  • Medical samples (including bodily fluids or tissue samples)
  • Distilled spirits, homemade alcoholic beverages, champagne, beer
  • Live or dead animals
  • Items or tools that are dangerous to humans or animals
  • Human remains, ashes
  • Weapons (firearms, rifles, shotguns, ammunition, gun parts, knives, flick knives axes)
  • Fragile household items (like ceramics)
  • Gas, pyrotechnics, pepper spray, fireworks
  • Flammable materials (gasoline, diesel, fuel, oil, liquid petroleum gas, motor oil etc)
  • Fridges or goods requiring refrigeration
  • Drugs, hallucinogenic drugs or psychotropic substances
  • Money, (cash or coins in any currency), cheques, debit or credit cards, meal vouchers, prepaid phone cards, activated SIM cards, unused stamps, vignette)
  • Any objects, tools or materials that pose a risk to public safety
  • Matrices
  • Precious metals, bullion, stones and watches decorated with jewels
  • Plants, roots, flowers, bouquets
  • Loose items or items packed in bags
  • Perfumes or other cosmetics containing alcohol (nail polish, nail polish remover, aftershave)
  • Unique or irreplaceable items, documents
  • Furs and fur-lined clothing, trophies, skins of protected animals
  • Perishable foods, frozen foods (fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, eggs)
  • Batteries only
  • Damaged goods
  • Mirrors
  • Luggage (Since the 1st of April 2017 none of our partners will collect goods which are packed in luggage.)
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Hazardous materials: explosives, detonators, flammable materials, toxic or corrosive substances, radioactive materials, infectious or potentially infectious materials, human exposure to drugs or any other substances that may have adverse effect on other consignments
  • All other objects that could conceivably endanger human life, the courier or staff of the courier company, then environment, public safety, public security.

Our partners’ couriers may refuse to pick up a package in the following instances:

  • Improperly packaged goods
  • Bagged items
  • Items banded or tied together
  • Perishable, infectious goods
  • Liquids or easily deliquescent materials
  • Consignments addressed to P.O. Boxes
  • Luggage or suitcases that are not wrapped in industrial foil
  • Temperature sensitive products
  • Improperly packed consignments containing liquids

Items that can be shipped only with special conditions or at the senders own risk:

  • LCD, CRD, LED, PLASMA screen
  • Televisions, monitors, projectors
  • China, Crystal, porcelain, ceramic items (dishes, cutlery, crockery, glasses, vases, chandeliers)
  • Glassware, (bottled wine, jarred fruit, kitchen glassware)
  • Household goods (microwave ovens, coffee makers)
  • Wooden crate
  • Flat-pack furniture (must be boxed correctly with adequate protection)

Conditions: Only strong, unused cardboard boxes should be used and any empty space should be filled with appropriate filling materials like polystyrene chips. Photographs should be sent to Fürgefutár.hu so that confirmation can be given from the courier as to the suitability of the packaging. Confirmation that the packaging is suitable does not constitute acceptance of liability should the contents of the package be damaged durng transit. Items shipped under the senders own risk will not be reimbursed in case the items is damaged or lost during transit.

This list is not final and Fürgefutár.hu Kft. retains the right to change it at any time.