How should I pack fragile items?

It is essential to pack fragile items correctly to avoid them being damaged during the delivery process.

For consignments/shipments containing items of high value we strongly recommend that you choose to insure the full value of each package. Please note that if your item is damaged, insurance will only be paid out if the packaging was suitable for the item being shipped. Insurance claims will only be accepted on receipt of a valid invoice or document that proves the value of the damaged item.

Please see below:


Taking photos

We highly recommend taking photographs throughout the packaging of your goods to enable you to prove the items were packed properly. This will make any claim you make for damaged items much faster.

The best box

We highly recommend the use of two double-layered, strong cardboard boxes to protect the contents. It is important to use polystyrene and other space-filling materials. The fragile object should not directly touch the side of the outer box. It is necessary to use a cardboard box properly lined from inside and to fill in the space between the inner and the outer boxes to protect the contents properly. If the consignment consists of more than one item, it is necessary to separate them from each other within the box to prevent them from getting damaged during delivery.


• Chose a suitable packaging receptacle and line it thoroughly from the inside.
• Place in the object to be delivered, properly wrapped in cling film or newspaper.
• Next, fill the box in with space-filling materials to prevent damage. When sending flat and fragile objects, always use cardboard sheets to separate objects from each other within the box.
• When ready, close the box and tape it thoroughly, including the edges.


Although we recommend writing “FRAGILE” on fragile packages it does not necessarily mean that they will receive special handling or preferential treatment during the transportation process. Please remember that your package will be travelling alongside other packages and may be subject to knocks and falls and will be rotated several times throughout the delivery process.