Can I import parcels from other countries?

We receive a large number of inquiries from customers who would like to know how to import items from other countries. You may have ordered something from Ebay, or be looking for an alternative solution to the post office. We offer several options for importing a parcel from another country and we have explained these below.

How do I book an import service with UPS?

UPS offer 2 different options for the collection of a parcel from another country:

Option 1
“UPS Return Label Service” On the day following the order date, the courier will bring the consignment note (also known as a waybill) to the collection address. This means that the sender does not have to print the consignment note themselves, and they do not need to contact the local UPS office to request a courier to collect the package. For this service there is an additional fee.

Option 2
“UPS Return Service” Fürgefutá will complete the consignment note and email it to the contact email address supplied for the collection address. It is the sender's responsibility to print the consignment note and contact UPS locally to arrange them to collect the package. There is no additional fee for this service
*This service is not available in every country, to find out if it’s available in the country from which you would like to import please contact customers services.

How do I book an import service with TNT?

Once we receive your order, our team will forward this on to TNT in the local country. They will contact the sender to confirm and arrange the collection. The local TNT office will send the Consignment Note (shipping label) in PDF format to the sender’s email address. It is important that the sender has access to a printer as they will need to print out the Consignment Note before the driver comes to collect the package.

How do I book an import service with GLS?

Booking an import with GLS couldn’t be simpler. Once we receive your order it is uploaded into the GLS system to be processed, and your parcel(s) will be collected the following working day. The GLS courier will bring a self-adhesive label to the collection address. To avoid miss-labelling of packages we would recommend you help the driver when attaching the labels to your boxes.
GLS couriers carry out parcel collections between 9am and 5pm, so we’d recommend using an address where someone is available to greet the driver during these times, as it is not possible for us to give a more specific time for the collection.
If the pickup is from an apartment building, make sure that you have included the doorbell name or number when ordering so the courier can easily find you, as we cannot guarantee that the courier will phone you if he cannot find your apartment.
If you’d like more information about importing with GLS, don’t hesitate to contact our customer services team.

How do I book an import service with DPD?

Booking an import with DPD couldn't be easier. Simply place the order on our website, and the courier will take the shipping label to the collection address the following working day. If you're sending more than one parcel, to avoid labelling errors we would recommend you assist courier, to make sure the right label gets attached to the right parcel.

How do I book an import service with TCE?

Simply book a TCE import service on our website, and our team will email you the shipping label. All you need to do is print it out, and attach the label to the box. The courier will come and collect on the pickup day you specified when booking the service.

How do I book an import service with Gebrüder Weiss?

If you're looking to import a pallet from another country with Gebrüder Weiss, book the service using our website, and the courier will take the courier label to the collection address on the day your specified when placing your order.

How do I book an import service with DHL?

If you've booked an import with DHL, once we receive your order, we'll generate a label and email it to you. You just need to print it out, and attach it to your parcel or pallet.