Do I need to complete an FDA Prior Notice?

In case of sending parcel to the United States, some products need to be accompanied by a Prior Notice which can be completed on the FDA’s website (Food and Drug Administration).

The following products need to be shipped with an FDA Prior Notice:

  • Notebook and Laptop, which has CD/DVD reader
  • Contact lenses
  • Cosmetics (including bath oils)
  • Dental instruments (including toothbrush)
  • Vitamins, biologicals
  • Medicines, peptides, serums and reagents
  • Microwave and compact record player
  • Sunglasses and glasses (glasses and frame collectively)
  • Food
  • Infra-red goods
  • Laser goods
  • Medical devices (surgical and hospital devices)
  • TV (with cathode ray tube)
  • Tableware ( mess-gear, napkin, underplate, sponge-cloth, glass, plate, etc.)
  • Goods that emit ultraviolet
  • Veterinary medical products (surgical and hospital devices, medicines and vitamins, dental instruments and other goods for animals)