Can I send wine and other products containing alcohol?

There are certain restrictions when shipping wine, spirits and drinks containing alcohol. The best thing to do if you would like to ship any product containing alcohol is to contact our customer service team to find out if it can be shipped, and on which courier network.

Wine and other drinks containing alcohol are classed as excise goods. Within the European Union these items can move freely if accompanied by a pro-forma or commercial invoice. If required, this documentation will be sent to you as an attachment to your confirmation email.

Homemade alcohol products such as beer, spirits and wine cannot be shipped on any of our partners’ networks. Alcoholic drinks can only be shipped in their original packaging. Liquids in glass bottles should be packed in separately, with careful attention on ensuring that they will not be damaged during transit.

Attention: Every package is X-rayed. If the contents in the parcel differ from the given description on the consignment note, the package will be returned to the sender and a return delivery fee will be also be charged.