Should I use a commercial or pro-forma invoice?

You can use either a commercial invoice or a pro-forma invoice, both are perfectly acceptable. Commercial invoices are normally used if there has been a financial transaction for the items being shipped, whereas a pro-forma invoice can be used for everything else.

If you don’t have an invoice template, don’t worry, we will attach a template to the email containing your shipping label; it’s quite simple to fill out.

Print and sign 5 copies of the invoice and give them to the driver when he/she collects your parcel.

 Here are some tips and hints on how to complete the shipping invoice:

What value should I use on the pro-forma invoice?

• Don’t simply write the value of the item as “0” or “null”, if you’re sending a sample or something of very low value add a token amount of €1,00, this should be realistic and reflect the value of the item. This will avoid any possible customs issues.

How accurate should the description be?

• Be detailed with the description of the item, don’t write “gift” or “sample” as it will cause delays in the customs clearance process.