One-click label generation directly from your webshop

Integrated platforms

Coming soonürgefutá is a multi carrier shipping platform that gives you access to discounted parcel delivery services from the big courier companies. We offer a range of modules and plugins that can easily be integrated with your online store (for example Shoprenter and WooCommerce). Once installed, you can book a shipment and generate a courier label in seconds. Simply install the plugin or activate the module, and process all your orders in a couple of clicks.

Parcel delivery to the neighbouring countries at domestic shipping rates. Even Cash on Delivery is solved!

We have designed a low cost, cross-border parcel shipping solution especially for ecommerce businesses. Our consolidated, last mile delivery service, allows you to sell your products to customers in the neighbouring countries using trusted local couriers, at a significantly lower cost than traditional international shipping solutions.

One contract with us, and you gain access to 6 new markets, and a much bigger pool of potential customers. You’ll be able to compete alongside your international competitors on delivery price and transit time. We even offer COD and have a solution for handling your returns.

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