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Looking for value? know the cost of sending a parcel! Find out how much you'll save by sending with us with the examples below.


Domestic parcel delivery

2 kg box

Post Office 5.60 Euro 3,92 Euro
30% cheaper than the post office*
*based on guaranteed next working day delivery

International parcel delivery

10 kg box to United Kingdom

Post Office 54,68 Euro 28,73 Euro
47% cheaper than the post office*
*based on the cheapest available service

International parcel delivery

5 kg box to Germany

Post Office 27,81 Euro 23,28 Euro
19% cheaper than the post office*
*based on the cheapest available service
Forbidden items

Prohibited items, and items that are subject to restrictions

There are certain items that cannot be shipped on the network of TNT, UPS, DPD, GLS and Parcelforce. You can find some examples below, but before shipping you parcel, it’s best to check that contents are safe to send. You can find the full list of items that cannot be shipped or that are subject to restrictions on our prohibited items list

Cigarettes and tobacco products, weapons and firearms, flammable or explosive materials and devices, narcotics and other illegal drugs, glassware or ceramics, perishable foods products, furniture, live animals.

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  • Online booking, no queues
  • Online tracking to keep you informed
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  • Express air delivery for those urgent parcels and documents
  • Road delivery for those shipping on a shoestring
  • Same day pickup (depending on postcode)

Quick and easy delivery to Bulgaria!

Our goal from the beginning was to simplify the process of sending parcels. Which is why at, sending your parcel to Bulgaria is really straight forward. We offer a platform, that allows you to compare the different prices and services from the big courier companies. The choice on who to ship your parcel with is in your hands. If you’re shipping an urgent document or parcel, book an express delivery and depending on the postcode, it could arrive tomorrow. If you’re goods are not so urgent, choose a road delivery which is slower and friendlier to your wallet.

We cover the entire territory of Bulgaria!

Whether you’re sending your package to Sofia, or a small town, we’ve got it covered. The courier companies we work with can collect and deliver to and from even the smallest of Bulgarian villages. What’s great, is that it won’t take weeks to get there. Maximum delivery time even to the most remote areas is 5 working days.

Shipping to EU’s newest member state…

Yes, Bulgaria is now subject to the free movement of goods act. And the great news is, that there is no customs clearance required when you ship there. The EU’s newest member state is surprisingly a very popular destination for business shipping. Private individuals ship there often too. Sending a document or parcel there, is just like sending a letter nationally. Just remember that your box is travelling a little further, and you need to make sure the contents are packed properly. You should make sure you have the full address and contact details of the receiver too, so that there are no delays to your shipment. Check out our couriers’ rates by using our quotation application on the left of this page.

Additional information on parcel delivery

Read our tips to ensure your parcel delivery goes smoothly:

  • Make sure the items you are shipping are not on the prohibited or restricted contents list
  • Ensure your items are packed properly. Use filling material to ensure that the contents cannot move around inside the box. Your parcel will travel alongside other parcels and will be subject to minor knocks and bumps along the way so ensure you pack accordingly.
  • Use a sturdy box and thick tape to securely close your parcel.
  • Don’t forget to write the sender and delivery address, contact name and a telephone number onto the outside of your parcel.
  • Make sure that someone will be available to handover your parcel to the driver when he arrives to pick up the package. If you won’t be at the home during the day, we recommend using your work address instead.

National holidays - Bulgaria

Due to national holidays your parcel may be delivered later. When sending important documents or time sensitive items be sure to take local national holidays into consideration.