When will my consignment be collected?

Our partners UPS and TNT will attempt to fulfil collection demands as much as possible but much of this is dependent on the postal code. You can contact our Customer Service to enquire about the exact collection times, but we also inform you about them via email, sent together with… Read More

Who will collect my parcel?

Use our quick quote calculator to get instant offers from the world’s biggest courier companies. Choose the courier and service that best suits your shipping needs. The courier you choose during the booking process, will be the courier that collects your parcel from your door. Read More

Is it possible to insure the contents of my parcel?

Yes it is! The cost of insuring the contents of your shipment depends on the value of the items you are looking to insure. Each courier company has a different way of calculating the insurance fee. The good news is that our system automatically calculates the fee for you. You… Read More