What items are prohibited?

Please take some time to read the below list, certain items are prohibited on our partners’ delivery network or are subject to certain restrictions. nor its partners can deliver the below items: Windows (glass, panes of glass, framed windows, glass shelves, glass doors or glass chandeliers) Aerosols, cosmetics and products… Read More

Is there anything I can’t ship?

The courier companies we work with will not collect white goods or items of furniture which weight more than 70kg. They will not delivery flowers or plants, sofas, glass cabinets, matrices, animals (live or dead), or high value jewellery containing precious metals or stones. Tables, chairs and other pieces of… Read More

What items are classed as dangerous?

Narcotic drugs, hallucinogenic drugs, guns, shooting iron, ammunitions, explosives. Flammable materials (e. g. petrol, gasoline, heating oil, fluid gas). Poisonous, mordant or otherwise dangerous chemical materials, medical, technical or other gas. Livestock. Any materials dangerous to the health of humans or animals. Any tools or devices capable of extinguishing human… Read More