What happens if I am importing an item from outside of the EU?

Items imported from outside of the European Union will have to be cleared by customs and may be subject to Duty and VAT charges. If you are required to pay any Duty or VAT then you will be contacted by your chosen shipper and asked to complete an import mandate stating… Read More

Are there any special rules when shipping with UPS?

If the value of your shipment is over €1000 then you will need to complete a Customs Export Clearance document. We will attach this to the email containing your shipping label; it’s quite simple to fill out. Complete and print 2 copies. If the value of your shipment is over… Read More

What happens if I am sending my parcel outside of the EU?

Items shipped outside of the EU may be subject to Duty and VAT on arrival to the destination country. In such instances the Duty and Customs will be billed to the receiver and the parcel(s) will not be released until the Duty and VAT charges have been settled. Unfortunately our… Read More

Do I need any special customs documents when sending a parcel abroad?

No customs documents are needed within the European Union, with the exception of wine, which can be delivered in limited quantities. For further information, please contact our Customer Service. If sending outside the EU, we provide you with all the necessary customs documents which will be attached to the confirmation email,… Read More