How does the delivery process work?

If you plan on sending a parcel, we recommend you watch the below video.   Trouble watching the video? Click here to view it in your browser. Tips and tricks to prepare your parcel for its journey: • Remember your parcel will travel alongside… Read More

Can I ship dangerous goods?

If the consignment you would like to be delivered is classified as dangerous, for example it has a UN number allocated to it please contact our customer services to see if it can be delivered with the couriers we work with. The following items are considered as dangerous: Acidic or… Read More

How should I pack an unusually shaped item?

All objects that can’t be packed in a cardboard box, such as tyres, cylinders, bare metal lengths or other goods of irregular shape fall into this category. It is important to pack these objects properly and exposed edges should be wrapped in corrugated cardboard or other thick cardboard pieces to… Read More

How should my parcel be packed?

We would recommend you use a good strong cardboard box. Better still, protect your box by using pallet wrap to seal the contents inside. It is important that your parcel is securely packaged and labelled. The contents should not be able to move around inside the box and the parcel should be… Read More

What is the best packaging process for boxes?

Parcels and packages must be sealed with strong parcel tape. The use of string or rope to secure packaging material is strictly prohibited as this may cause an obstruction on the conveyor belt during the sorting process. Wines and spirits should be packed separately to other items. Insurance claims will… Read More

Can I ship tobacco products like cigarettes?

No, it is not possible to send cigarettes or any form of tobacco based products with any of the couriers we work with. All parcels, pallets and documents are scanned and X-rayed. If the contents of your consignment are found to contain cigarettes or tobacco based products, Customs and Exercise will… Read More

Can I send wine and other products containing alcohol?

There are certain restrictions when shipping wine, spirits and drinks containing alcohol. The best thing to do if you would like to ship any product containing alcohol is to contact our customer service team to find out if it can be shipped, and on which courier network. Wine and other… Read More

How should I pack fragile items?

It is essential to pack fragile items correctly to avoid them being damaged during the delivery process. For consignments/shipments containing items of high value we strongly recommend that you choose to insure the full value of each package. Please note that if your item is damaged, insurance will only be… Read More

How should I prepare a suitcase for shipping?

Since the 1st of April 2017 none of our partners will collect goods which are packed in luggage. You need to put your products and goods into boxes. If you try to send luggage with us and the driver collects it from you, be carefull: they will deliver it back… Read More